Cold Plasma Treatment of Rice: A Bibliometric Analysis




cold plasma, rice grain, food safety, bibliometric analysis


The use of cold plasma (CP) technology in rice processing has gained global attention. A bibliometric analysis explored research trends, collaboration opportunities, and key concerns in the CP treatment of rice. The analysis aimed to highlight the substantial increase in scholarly publications since 2013. It focused on rice decontamination and storage improvement using CP treatment. The study revealed that China, India, and Thailand, leading rice-producing nations, were also at the forefront of CP treatment research. South Korean author Min, S.C., with six publications, made a noteworthy contribution. Most articles on CP treatment of rice resulted from domestic collaborations, but China and India actively engaged in global partnerships, indicating a growing interest in international research. These findings suggest an inclination towards fostering international collaborations in CP treatment of rice. Overall, this investigation contributes significantly to the academic community, offering insights into the current research landscape. The study also provides recommendations for future directions in managing CP treatment of rice. This bibliometric analysis serves as a valuable reference for scholars interested in the emerging CP treatment technology in the rice sector.




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Bonto, A., Ondevilla, J. C., Taaca, K. L., & Quiatchon-Baeza, L. (2023). Cold Plasma Treatment of Rice: A Bibliometric Analysis. KIMIKA, 34(1), 57–70.



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