Effectiveness and Acceptability of Laboratory Experiment Videos in Blended Chemistry Learning





The COVID-19 pandemic has changed most of the world's norms, from people's lifestyles to the education system. The transition from offline to online teaching, communication barriers inherent in online teaching, preparation, and teaching style were just a few of the difficulties faced by the instructors. On the other hand, problems with the content included creating new materials and using multimedia tools, among other things. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of using laboratory experiment videos instead of hands-on experiments as an alternative to the blended learning modality. Furthermore, this study also investigated the acceptability of the developed videos from the learners' perspective. According to the study's findings, blended learning for chemistry is successful and acceptable when laboratory experiment videos are included. Students' performance improved significantly from their pretest to posttest when exposed to several teaching strategies for chemical reactions, including lectures, hands-on laboratory activities, and the presentation of videos of laboratory experiments. As a result, utilizing laboratory experiment videos in blended chemistry learning can be an effective tool and approach for delivering education and assisting in the teaching and learning process for teachers and students.




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Guion, J. B., Sumalinog, K., Gomez, S. D., Cortes, S. F., Padilla, K. J., Pepino, C. A., … Sanchez, J. M. (2023). Effectiveness and Acceptability of Laboratory Experiment Videos in Blended Chemistry Learning. KIMIKA, 34(1), 36–46. https://doi.org/10.26534/kimika.v34i1.36-46



Chemistry Education