Multifaceted Chemistry Conceptual Profile of Selected Senior High School STEM Students from a Private School in Manila

  • Rick Jasper A. Carvajal Br. Andrew Gonzales FSC College of Education, De La Salle University, 2401 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila, 1004, Metro Manila, Philippines
Keywords: chemistry conception, chemistry conceptual profile, multifaceted conception, SHS STEM students


Chemistry has always been identified as a discipline with pluralistic characteristics. This implies that chemistry can be viewed differently based on one’s conception, conceptual model, and conceptual change. Subsequently, this denotes into a diverse context, different profiles of conceptions, which then convey multifaceted view of the discipline. The polysemous view of chemistry was addressed and proposed into six chemistry conceptual profile zones - monist, epistemic, processual, pragmatic, aversive, and attractive. There is a need to recognize this and structure chemistry education based on conceptual profile, since the discipline is naturally complex, rich, and multifaceted. The objective of the study is to analyze, identify, and categorize the multifaceted conceptions in chemistry of selected senior high school STEM students enrolled in a certain private school in Manila City, under these six conceptual profile zones. More so, the study aims to determine the possible ways to improve the conceptions of students based on their own response and perspective. Descriptive qualitative research design through semantic thematic analysis and statistical inference using Chi-square of Goodness-of-Fit were employed to analyze the data. The result revealed that almost all of these (n=57) selected SHS STEM students can conceptualize the epistemic view in the profile zone but not the other five. Based on the two themes generated, it can be implied that there is always an opportunity for critical reflection on how to reconceptualize the discipline and take chemistry into a more authentic field of science and science education.

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Carvajal, R. J. A. (2020). Multifaceted Chemistry Conceptual Profile of Selected Senior High School STEM Students from a Private School in Manila. KIMIKA, 31(2), 68-79.
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