Editor's Welcome


  • Florecita De Guzman Editor-in-Chief, KIMIKA, Mandaluyong City




Warmest welcome to our dear colleagues!

We reintroduce you to KIMIKA, the Philippine journal for the chemical sciences. KIMIKA has taken a new look, and has reworked its focus to better reflect the research, industrial and academic efforts of chemistry practitioners in the country. We have expanded KIMIKA’s scope to include papers dealing with primary research results, scientific reviews, rapid communications, innovations in teaching, technical commentaries, instructional materials, novel laboratory experiments, industry trends, and policy papers. In succeeding issues, we also plan to have a section that features outstanding undergraduate research efforts.

KIMIKA is now published by the Philippine Federation of Chemical Societies, and we hope that our expanded coverage will draw a wider base of readers and contributors of publishable material. To save printing costs and better manage our financial limitations, we have done away with paper copies and have adopted the open source, on-line format. A happy consequence of this is that submissions can be emailed anytime. Papers received will be subjected to peer review, and if accepted, will be copy-edited and uploaded immediately for on-line publication.We invite you to publish your work in KIMIKA. Rest assured that all papers published in KIMIKA are subjected to a peer review process that ensures the quality of published work.

May we also take this opportunity to invite you to our workshop on scientific writing during the 28th Philippine Chemistry Congress in 2013?




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